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ZX Spectrum Issue 1
Yep, the ZX82 as would've been if they'd followed the sequence. (Interesting side fact, the ROMs in the QL *do* have ZX83 marked on them, so internally they DID follow the sequence). This is the machine that was part of the launch of millions of 'dead flesh' keyboard membranes onto the market to equal cries of 'woo' and 'euugh' :) Typists hated it, gamers loved it, which annoyed Uncle Clive since he really saw the Spectrum as more of a serious machine than the ZX81.
Bits of me think this machine has had a new keyboard in the past, since Issue 1 machines (I've been told) typically had a more light grey keyboard than the later more bluey versions, and even this keyboard is on the way out, membrane wise. It's also got the official Sinclair memory upgrade to get it up to the heady heights of 48K - *gasp*. Other 3rd party upgrades were also available.....
Just look at the flowing tracks, taped-on upside-down afterthoughts, heath-robinson style wiring; this is truly a machine in development laid out by hand by the excellent Stuart Honeyball :) Stick with the downloads - it's worth it!

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