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Home Computing History

Welcome to Binary Dinosaurs, the online display of a real collection of nearly 500 computers that begins at the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972, travels through the 'pong wars' of the 1970s, visits the explosion of diversity and excellence that created the home computer market of the early 80's and ends, well, as time has gone on it's been proved it doesn't end - my former main Mac G5 is here now and pretty soon the machine this site is running from could be declared vintage too...

(I must at this point apologise for most of the pictures here, they were mostly taken in 2000-2003 when bandwidth was precious and digital cameras weren't the best)
Head up to the Control Panel to find your way around the site and enjoy your visit!

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Lisa Icon23 Apr 2017
Happy 35th birthday to the ZX Spectrum! Arguably the reason a lot of us are still doing this 'computer' malarkey. A round of applause for Uncle Clive, Steve Vickers, Richard Altwasser, Rick Dickinson, John Grant and everyone I've forgotten.
Lisa Icon21 Apr 2017
Just because 'he can' Bill Buzbee over in California has made a totally custom built-from-scratch-with-discrete-CPU machine with its own OS and TCP/IP stack. Check out the Magic-1 here:  
Lisa Icon19 Apr 2017
This shows you how far we've come - emulate a Classic Mac in your browser with a couple of 'hard drives' full of Internet Archive programs and games, do it now! 
Lisa Icon16 Apr 2017
Webserver upgrade yesterday broke quite a few things! Still, I took the opportunity to fix a few niggling bugs that I'd not looked at for $years like the Inhabitants page sort order and picture display for some of the bigger adverts. Now it will scale the picture and provide a link for full size goodness.
Lisa Icon15 Apr 2017
NEW PAGE! Yes, the first new inhabitant page since it was all unsigned integers and non-leaky batteries around here. 
My STC Executel page is now online even though I haven't fixed the machine in question yet. Wallow in 1980 phone nostalgia. And a leaky battery. 
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