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Home Computing History

Welcome to Binary Dinosaurs, the online display of a real collection of nearly 500 computers that begins at the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972, travels through the 'pong wars' of the 1970s, visits the explosion of diversity and excellence that created the home computer market of the early 80's and ends, well, as time has gone on it's been proved it doesn't end - my former main Mac G5 is here now and pretty soon the machine this site is running from could be declared vintage too...

(I must at this point apologise for most of the pictures here, they were mostly taken in 2000-2003 when bandwidth was precious and digital cameras weren't the best)
Head up to the Control Panel to find your way around the site and enjoy your visit!

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Lisa Icon26 Apr 2018
It pains me to type this because of the impact his work had on my life, but ex-Sinclair industrial designer Rick Dickinson has died in the US whilst receiving specialist cancer treatment. 
RIP Rick, you're part of the reason I'm doing this. You'll be missed. 
Lisa Icon23 Apr 2018
Happy 36th birthday to my 3rd ever computer, the humble ZX Spectrum. Took me until 1983 to save enough for one though, while furiously hacking away at my ZX81. Halcyon days! 
This is that very machine, housed in a natty SAGA ONE keyboard, obviously a great investment since I still use it today at exhibitions. 
Lisa Icon29 Mar 2018
Sad to hear of the passing of Stuart Honeyball, Sinclair man extraordinaire who did much for the QL at Miracle Systems but I'll remember him as the man who designed the layout of the Issue 1 Spectrum by hand.  
Lisa Icon05 Mar 2018
Happy 37th birthday to the Sinclair ZX81, arguably the machine that introduced computing to the masses. Not me, it was the ZX80 for me but hey. 
Lisa Icon20 Feb 2018
Nice writeup in Amiga User International from last weekend's Recursion 2018 fair in Stratford On Avon, clicky on the button to read!  
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