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Home Computing History

Welcome to Binary Dinosaurs, the online display of a real collection of nearly 500 computers that begins at the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972, travels through the 'pong wars' of the 1970s, visits the explosion of diversity and excellence that created the home computer market of the early 80's and ends, well, as time has gone on it's been proved it doesn't end - my former main Mac G5 is here now and pretty soon the machine this site is running from could be declared vintage too...

(I must at this point apologise for most of the pictures here, they were mostly taken upwards of 13 years ago when bandwidth was precious and digital cameras weren't the best) Head up to the Control Panel to find your way around the site and enjoy your visit!

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Lisa Icon10 Mar 2017
Here's a museum in Maryland USA I wouldn't mind a wander around, this is exactly what I'd like to do here if only I had the cash! 
Bob Roswell's System Source Museum:
Lisa Icon30 Jan 2017
Sad news, 'Mr Pacman' Masaya Nakamura has died, RIP.
Lisa Icon17 Nov 2016
An historical day in Patent Land - On this day in 1970 Doug Engelbart of SRI in Menlo CA was granted a patent for an "X-Y Position Indicator For A Graphics Display". 
Arguably not the first 'mouse' design, Telefunken had one too in 1968, but it's the one we all remember.
Lisa Icon17 Sept 2016
Well would you look at that. Developer John Brooks has released an update for ProDOS for the Apple ][ :D
Lisa Icon01 Jul 2016
Hello to visitors from the Recursion Fair! See you on the 2nd for some retro-tastic gaming...11am prompt.
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