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2019 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon19 Jan 2019
Today was the day Apple launched the Lisa, the world's first commercial 32 bit 'Supermicro' with its paper white display, icons and a mouse. The name was said to stand for 'Local Integrated System Architecture' but really it was Steve Jobs' daughter's name :o) 
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Lisa Icon15 Feb 2019
Having restored my Sharp MZ80K and MZ80A it was natural the MZ80B was next. Read all about it. 
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Lisa Icon03 Mar 2019
Today the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge revealed the prototype ZX Spectrum, the machine that changed the lives of thousands of spotty geeks forever. 
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Lisa Icon15 Mar 2019
Happy 30th anniversary to the WWW! Click the button below for some 30 year fun courtesy of those scamps at CERN. 
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Lisa Icon17 Mar 2019
Added a page for the Canon TX-50 II, no, I'd never heard of it either. Go see! 
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Lisa Icon19 May 2019
I've just learnt of the passing of someone who gave some good stuff for the collection back in the mid-noughties, and at one point drove from Ludlow in Shropshire to Newcastle in his little Fiesta packed to the gunwhales with bits for me. 
RIP Lee Davison, left us far too young in Sept 2013. Cheers for the laughs mate.
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