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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Dec 05 14:09:34
Just happened across this, @loudscotsbloke. A fun read!
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Computing History (Retweet)
Sat Dec 05 10:14:03
#OnThisDay in 1978, Acorn Computers Ltd was formed in Cambridge. Imagine a world without our BBC Micro, Archimedes, or Electron... Then come and visit our 80s classroom for a good cheering-up!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Dec 04 18:21:55
Stabilised the voltage rails on the Superbrain PSU by using the other half of my load testing car bulb on the 12v rail. Everything is sweet now, voltage wise. Time to reassemble and see if anything happens!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Dec 03 20:02:09
Can anyone remember this for David? A TV with Pong built into it.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Dec 03 19:45:30
Some serious capacitance going on with the 12v rail on this PSU too. It’s been unplugged for 50 mins and it’s still showing 15v!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Dec 03 19:39:17
Woohoo! Superbrain PSU is alive again but I’m not happy about that voltage rail. 5v is at 5.5v and because that’s high 12v is at 17v! 21 is at 25. There’s an adjustment pot but it’s flakier than a flaky thing. Still...One step forward...
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Flemming Dupont (Retweet)
Tue Dec 01 15:33:39
@JonnBlanchard @Devilish_Design @loudscotsbloke I need to sell my Camputers Lynx 48k, but as I live in Denmark, eBay is not really an easy option. Any suggestions on where I could try to sell it instead? Maybe a Camputers Lynx Facebook group, but other than that, I got no clue.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Nov 30 09:23:29
Wow! I love a good bit of wire wrapping.
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