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2016 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon13 Feb 2016
Some good technical stuff from Brendan Alford here, he's the bloke who's diagnostics I use to test dead Speccies:
Lisa Icon22 Mar 2016
Andy Grove, Intel's first 'proper' employee and father of the x86 architecture and Wintel partnership with Microsoft has died at 79. RIP sir.
Lisa Icon25 Mar 2016
A fully playable web-based version of my favourite ZX81 game is now online - 3D Monster Maze! Get chomped into little bits at 
"Anyone there?"
Lisa Icon03 Apr 2016
Britain's first mass produced computer, the Hollerith Electronic Computer (HEC-1) is now on display at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.
Lisa Icon28 May 2016
A bloke called Eric has 'blown up' a humble CBM/MOS 6502 processor to show each one of its transistors and constituent parts in action so you can see how a single instruction is performed. Brilliant.
Lisa Icon02 Jun 2016
First Person tetris anyone? The 'camera' is fixed on the playing piece so be prepared to feel dizzy and/or sick :) 
(via @codepo8 and @robmanuel on twitter)
Lisa Icon06 Jun 2016
Steve over at BMOW (Big Mess O'Wires) has, with the help of others in the retro community, recreated the hard-to-find 19-pin plug necessary for old Apple drives, NeXT drives, Atari peripherals etc....go see!
Lisa Icon01 Jul 2016
Hello to visitors from the Recursion Fair! See you on the 2nd for some retro-tastic gaming...11am prompt.
Lisa Icon17 Sept 2016
Well would you look at that. Developer John Brooks has released an update for ProDOS for the Apple ][ :D
Lisa Icon17 Nov 2016
An historical day in Patent Land - On this day in 1970 Doug Engelbart of SRI in Menlo CA was granted a patent for an "X-Y Position Indicator For A Graphics Display". 
Arguably not the first 'mouse' design, Telefunken had one too in 1968, but it's the one we all remember.
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