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Escom Amiga 1200
Despite the fact the Commodore Amiga 1200 was still selling like cakes of a hot tendency, CBM went belly-up in 1994 leaving the current and future A1200 users without much backup or support. In its death throes Commodore sold off the rights to the Amiga name to the highest bidder which was to prove to be the beginning of a Chuckle Brothers-style 'to me, to you, to me, to you' time for the Amiga brand and machine.
The high bidder in the first instance was German PC maker Escom, who continued producing the A1200 and even (I think!) released the rebranded AmigaOS 3.1, an upgrade from Workbench 3.0.
Unfortunately Escom themselves went belly up a couple of years later and for a while the Amiga name was associated with cow-print computer box maker Gateway and the company formed Amiga Technologies. Of course, Gateway had a financial hiccup so Amiga Technologies was sold to the dutch arm of Gateway and I think that despite some more to-ing and fro-ing Gateway and others are still *nearly* doing something. AmigaOS4? Soon. Maybe.
Machines (or rather, Machine)
Amiga 1200HD, 'Escom' model with factory seals and complete free software bundle. Currently running OS3.1 but I should upgrade it to OS3.5 if I get my paws on a CD player that's compatible. Anyone got a spare Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI card? :)

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