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Amstrad (Alan Michael Sugar Trading) was founded in 1968 and initially made hi-fi products and TVs for the cheaper consumer market - they always managed to come up with manufacturing methods that allowed them to produce some products much more cheaply than competitors. Personally I used to compare them to Binatone and Alba, so it was amusing that Amstrad bought Binatone in the 80s and sold it in the 90s to Alba :) It can't be denied that they were innovators though.

On seeing other 8-bit computers needing a TV for display Amstrad built a machine from scratch that used either a cheap green screen or a not-so-cheap colour monitor - the CPC464. This machine also addressed another issue of the 8-bit machines in that you needed a separate tape recorder for loading and saving - it included a dedicated unit. Power issues were solved by having the machine powered from the monitor; later machines (CPC664 and CPC6128) powered their disc drive by plugging into a separate 12V connection on the front of the monitor.

Other Amstrad firsts were the first cheap IBM PC clone (the PC1512), the first mass-market dedicated word processor - the PCW8256 - and the first machine to sort of confuse the market by being a hybrid PC and Sega Megadrive - the Mega-PC. Excellent idea, well executed but too expensive. Highlights were 16 bit digital stereo sound, excellent screen and a Megadrive on an ISA expansion board, complete with docking bay for the MegaCD!
CPC464 with colour monitor and manual
Boxed CPC464 with MP-1 modulator, manual and joystick.
CPC664 on its own, bless.
CPC464+ boxed but v.smoky! Previous owner must've been a chainsmoker!
CPC6128 with monitor, games and lots of disks.
Boxed CPC6128 on its ownnew!
Boxed CPC6128 Plus with monitor, Locomotive Basic cart and a ton of games.
PC1512SD with PC-MM mono monitor. Boxed complete with manuals and OS disks. Donation from Richard Howells. Thanks!
PC1512DD with PC-MM mono monitor and a hard card, ie 20mb drive on an expansion board. Donation from Pat - ta!
PCW8256 with printer and disks
PCW8512 with 2 drives, printer, disks and books.
PCW9512 with printer, disks and books
PCW9256 with printer. Needs system and LOGO disks
PC20, boxed with manuals and software.
PCW10 with manuals, keyboard, software and disks....and it works!
PCW16 with manual, keyboard and mouse.
PPC512 on its own with PSU.
PPC512 with carry case, car adapter and manuals.
PPC640 with carry case, disks, manuals and car adapter
GX4000 console with ubiquitous Burnin' Rubber cart, excellent condition.
Mega-PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse
NC100 notebook, a bit like the Cambridge Z88
NC100 notebook with one bit of Poly and outer box; different leatherette case to the others.
NC200 notebook with leatherette case
Donations from Jan Lucas - cheers that man!
CPC464 - UK version with decent keyboard, boxed complete with manual
CTM640 monitor, boxed complete
DD1 floppy drive - boxed with manual
FD1 floppy drive - boxed
DMP2000 printer
MP-1 Modulator for the 464
MP-2 Modulator for the 6128
MP-3 TV Tuner for the CPC series.
CT-1 Clock Radio module to sit atop the MP-3 TV tuner.
DD-1 FDU with Manual and interface
DK'Tronics 64K RAM Pack
DK'Tronics Lightpen i/f
DK'Tronics Mouse i/f
ROMBO Board with a couple of ROMs
Multiface 2 for the 464, boxed.
Speech synthesizer for the 464, boxed.
Seemingly original software pack for the CPC464, mint. Need some more info there.
Manual for the 6128.
Midi interface, boxed, also from Jan
Firmware books, CPC books and magazines from Jan.
GX4000 games
3 Games:
Klax (boxed)
Navy Seals (boxed)
Operation Thunderbolt (boxed)

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