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Atari 65xe
Unboxed 65XEs are common as muck, but boxed ones in this condition are pretty uncommon. The outer box is a bit foxed but everything inside is spot on so I was well chuffed. I think I'm right in saying this is pretty much the same machine that graces the internals of the XEGS but in a more compact form factor. This one's complete too, right down to the '10 games on 2 convienient cassettes'. It had obviously been the victim of severe spillage in the past, judging by the rust on the sheilding and motherboard, and since the keyboard didn't work it became one of my test cases for dishwashing old machines that are scruffy as hell. It's perfectly safe to do this as long as you don't use the drying cycle and make sure there are no batteries or other electrical sources present. Result - sparkly machine! It needs to be dried fully for 2-3 days before you even THINK of plugging it back in though, and obviously everything needs to be checked for traces of water.

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