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Atari Jaguar
In true 80's fashion a couple of blokes called Martin Brennan and John Mathieson created a games console called the Panther. They got in touch with Atari who agreed to market the machine, but before it could get to market the likes of Nintendo and Sega had their own consoles available and were marketing them in true Japanese style. It was decided to keep going with the development of the Panther, and the world's first 64 bit games console was born, called the Panther II. It had CD quality sound, 16.8 million colours and better pixel-pushing power than anything else around at the time, all down to a bog-standard 16mhz Motorola 68000 CPU (Apple Mac etc) and 2 dedicated chips called Tom and Jerry. Tom was the graphics unit and Jerry was the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for the sound - these chips were also to be found in Atari arcade machines. Oh, and it was made by IBM :)
Goes to show there are still warehouses full of these things round the world! This is unopened apart from to put an extra cart in, and came from Telegames in Leicester and cost 15 quid :) Oh, the internal pix are of my other Jaguar, bought solely because it's got a DOOM to find Wolfenstein 3D!
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