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Atari Mega ST2
Identical to the MegaST 4 aside from half the memory (2mb as opposed to 4mb), the Mega ST2 hit the streets sometime in 1988. Essentially a 1040STfm in a slimline desktop case, the Mega also had a unique expansion bus called MegaBUS and a Blitter upgrade which took some of the graphics load off the CPU. Apparently this one was quite popular in schools before the meteoric rise of the PC pushed it out of the way. Hard disks such as the SH204 were catered for with the built-in DMA port, and the musician line was carried on with the usual Midi ports. Where the Mega really impressed people was with the keyboard - one of the complaints about the 520 and 1040STs was that the keyboard was too bouncy and sometimes indistinct. The Mega series all had proper keyswitch keyboards that were a vast improvement.

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