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Atari CX2600 VCS
The system that started it all, popularity wise. Released in 1977 and marketed in the UK by Ingersoll, the VCS was (and still is) a massive hit. Its games were simple and blocky, the sound was poor and the graphics left a lot to be desired, but bugger me were they addictive! The joysticks were almost indestructible even if they did give you blisters after a few hours, and the games went on for ever, as proved by me in 1981 during a 24 hour sponsored games playing marathon at school - me and 3 others played Asteroids, Defender and Space Invaders till our fingers practically bled :)
If you want a guaranteed surefire hit at a drunken party, break out the like Outlaw are sure to have people in hysterics. Or is that just us lot?
Also remember that O'Shea ltd have thousands of unopened VCS games in their limestone cavern, for $2 a pop.

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