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The Burroughs corporation has a long history, going back to 1886 when it began as the American Arithmometer Company. I won't reinvent the wheel and go back into the company history myself since the Charles Babbage Institute has already done it :)
Back in August '01 Derek Harrison contacted me with some spare machines he didn't want to chuck - a Commodore P500 and a couple of Burroughs B21 workstations - these were unix powered 8086 machines that actually featured a serial network which allowed diskless workstations to boot off another machine. Impressive for the day. Derek did stress how big these things were but they sounded interesting and the shipping proved to be not that much. Odd design with the system box and monitor next to each other on a sheet of metal! Makes carrying v.awkward indeed.
Nearly 18 months later I've found time to play with these beasts; pix to follow
B21 workstation with 8086 processor, 512K RAM and 15mb hard drive. Thanks Derek!

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