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Digital InfoServer 150VXT
Yep, here it is, the Infoserver 150VXT....pity I can't (for the moment) find my VXT2000 to run the 2 together again since maybe 1998. Everything on the board is dated round 1990-ish; I didn't think the 3100 series of VAXen were that old.....hmm.....perhaps I'm remembering wrong; we had our own 3100s by '91 I suppose. Anyway, the cpu is a KA41-2 and up until boot time it looks like a regular VAX, but it doesn't have VAX boot ROMs so unless you feed it an InfoServer CD or let it boot off its own internal RZ24 it's not interested. Pity!
The self-test errors show a system clock error (E), hardly surprising since it's been powered off for upwards of 5-6 years so the batteries are a bit dead and in need of a quick charge - first time it was powered up I also got D (nvram) but leaving it powered up for a while sorted that one out. Also serial line error (C), nothing on SCSI B (6) and ethernet error (1), all of which are common startup errors.

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