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Digital MINC-11
Essentially a PDP-11/03 in a user-configurable box, the Multi-INstrument Computer was designed from the ground up to be a laboratory data collecting machine. It even came on a wheely stand for you to zoom it around between labs! The right hand side of the case contained the CPU, memory, serial line card, floppy controller etc and the left side contained the boot ROM. In the middle there are 8 slots for boffins to add MINC modules for analogue or data collection. The system runs RT-11 and many programming languages were available from BASIC to FORTRAN. Displays were courtesy of a VT125, which is a standard VT102 but with an extra hi-res card that could display graphs and charts. Both an RX02 based system (twin 8" floppies) and an RL01 system (5mb disk pack) were available, and I think the RL01 system could have 2 drives.
I'll have to go through the oodles of documentation I got with it (including the first few issues of the MINC Newsletter which feature many pictures of beards and boffins :)) for more info.

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