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Dragon Data Ltd
While working at PA Consulting in Cambridge one Mike Foxton was instructed to 'fly to the US and bring back one of those Tandy Color Computers.' This he did and promptly set about 'UK-ifying' it with a beefier power board, new display chip and other enhancements. This was released to the world as the Dragon32 via small Welsh company Dragon Data Ltd.
Rather than me write my own version of Dragon's history a bloke called David Linsley has already done it, and you can find reproduced with permission here. Thanks David!
Dragon32 - boxed mint, complete with manuals and all leads. Nice!
Dragon32 - boxed 'family computer' version in excellent condition with joysticks and a couple of tapes.
Dragon64 with disc drive and Voltmace joystick.
Joysticks and boxed games for the Dragons.
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