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Enterprise 128
This machine has been my 'test' machine for years now, it's also the one that gets dragged out to exhibitions and misused by the general public :) I'm pretty sure it was an early hand-modified EP64 given the sticker on it and the soldering inside, as well as the low serial number (995). In 2016 I upgraded it to Zozosoft's EXOS 2.3 because why not. The upgrade needs a bigger EEPROM than the original 27128 which means a wiring adjustment or two. The benefits of this are onboard diagnostic routines, IS-BASIC built-in and V2.6 of the Word Processor amongst others.
A recent exhibition meant I needed to test various floppy drives since my former sturdy Cumana 5.25" was beginning to fail and thanks to EXDOS' MSDOS compatibility hooking up a 3.5" drive is easy. It also makes transferring disk images a simple task too.

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