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Enterprise EXDOS
The long-awaited EXDOS disk interface promised much. Shugart 410 interface compatibility meant it could plug into up to 4 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" floppy drives and do 40 or 80 tracks (hint - the BBC Micro disk interface, which more of you will be familiar with, was a Shugart 410). It was MS-DOS compatible and could read disks written on the IBM PC, Apricot or Atari ST; because of the Z80 processor in the Enterprise CPM compatibility was there too, giving instant access to hundreds of applications.
The interface plugged into the bus extender module that basically allowed you to connect an external PSU to add +5V and +12V to the bus to power whatever you'd plugged in, though according to the manual they didn't expect you to be using a non-externally powered drive.

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