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Handheld/Tabletop games
Grandstand Astro Wars, boxed perfect.
Grandstand Firefox F-7, boxed with all the gubbins.
Grandstand Invaders From Space game, boxed perfect with instructions.
Grandstand Scramble, boxed with instructions and in excellent nick.
Barcode Battler, boxed with all barcodes and blanks. Odd game!
Palitoy Cue Ball, endorsed by Alex Higgins - woo!
MB Games Genius
Mattel AutoRace from the late 70s; no labels though. This was the world's first handheld LED racing game
Entex Galaxians 2, 1981.
Mattel Football, US stylee - 1977.
Maniac game, 1979.
Tomy Alien Chase
Bandai Gunfighter, battered slightly but working.
Stargate by Entex, boxed.
Race&Chase by Bambino, 1980. boxed in excellent nick.
Palitoy Merlin, an amazing machine for its day. Boxed with instructions.
Tandy Ogre Eater, or Pacman to the uninitiated.
Grandstand Munchman, boxed with instructionsnew!
Tiger Electronic Bowlingnew!
Tiger Electronic Baseballnew!
Tiger Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2 & 3new!
Tiger Batman Forevernew!

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