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Microprofessor MPF-II
Someone in Multitech in 1981 obviously thought one day 'Z80 trainers are all well and good, but Apple seem to be doing quite well with their Apple ][ so will they be bothered if we produce a 64k 6502-based colour micro that's at least compatible at a BASIC level?'
Yes, is the answer. But this one was different, honest! It's startup colour was blue, not black, and it could take language cartridges as well as connect to any centronics-compatible printer. It also had an optional almost-full-size keyboard available that was similar to the ZX Spectrum's 'dead flesh' keyboard. Testing has shown that despite its size the small built-in keyboard is much easier to type on.
Ths box for this one shows a good example of how plastics and polystyrene ended up reacting together over the years, the outer coating of the mains cable and aerial lead have eaten into the poly outer which is surprisingly quite destructive. The cables for this one are now in hopefully more stable plastic bags but who's to say it won't have the same problem in another 30 years.
Also surprising to see is all the major chips are socketed so at least this one is hopefully easy to keep running
This machine came courtesy of Victor Hadden over in Merseyside, cheers Victor!

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