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G7000, aka the Magnavox Odyssey2, complete with PSU and joysticks
G7400+, only released in Europe, missing its PSU but otherwise complete and now!
AV7300 TV converter for Philips monitors, boxed mint.
Boxed Videopacs for the G7000
Videopac Games
(1) Race/Cryptogram, boxed
(2) in an 11 (Cosmic Conflict) box
(4) Air-Sea War/Battle, boxed
(6) Tenpin Bowling/Basketball
(14) Gunfight, boxed
(15) ??
(22) Space Monster, boxed
(32) Labyrinth/Supermind, boxed
(33) Jumping Acrobats, boxed
(34) Satellite Attack, boxed
(34+) Satellite Attack, one of only 4 'enhanced' games for the G7400+
(37) Monkeyshines, boxed
(38) Munchkin, boxed
(39) Freedom Fighters
(43) Pickaxe Pete
(44) Crazy Chase
(51) Terrahawks, boxed

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