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Grandstand VEC
Released in 1978/9, the VEC was the UK equivalent of the Fairchild Channel-F II and was the followup (obviously) to the original Channel F - the first programmable cartridge pong from 1976 and also the first console to contain the new-fangled 'microchip' :)
This one has guarantees from January 1980, so they've probably run out unless Adman (UK importers/distributors) were *really* sure of themselves. It has fairly unique controllers in that they boasted 12 (that's TWELVE) way movement. Not only did they do the usual 8-way left-right-up-down they also could be lifted, pushed and twisted! V.confusing and one of the reasons why it didn't do that well in the shops. The other reason it didn't do too well was the games - awkward and confusing. Graphically it was below par with the Philips/Odyssey G7000, and well below the Venerable Atari VCS which was released the year before.......I've wanted one of these for *years*. This one is in the redesigned Grandstand box and contains everything, right down to the plastic bag.
Cart list (all boxed unless stated)
1 - Tic Tac Toe/Shooting Gallery/Doodle/Quadra Doodle (x3, 2 boxed)
2 - Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery
3 - Video Blackjack/1 & 2 player
4 - Spitfire/1 & 2 player
8 - Magic Numbers/Mindreader/Nim
9 - Drag Strip/1 & 2 player (x2)
10 - Maze/Jailbreak/Blind-man's-buff/Trailblazer
11 - Backgammon/Acey-Ducey/1 & 2 player
14 - Sonar Search/1 & 2 player
17 - Pinball Challenge/1 & 2 player
I thought it was odd that the cart in the pic only played Pong, but I've since discovered that's probably because it's bust! Pong is actually built in to the console......

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