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Recursion 2017
After last year's excellent showing at Recursion in Stratford-upon-Avon I was chuffed to be asked to exhibit again this year, and thanks to being a lot more prepared this time around I had the van packed in record time for a beautifully hot day in sunny Warwickshire.
Exhibits were:

Oric Atmos + Cumana floppy interface and drive playing Defence Force
ZX81 playing 3D Monster Maze (of course)
C64 + SDC2IEC flash drive (Bubble Bobble)
Atari 800 (Donkey Kong)
Interstate TV Pong (another winner :)
Spectrum + SMARTboard playing various games
Spectrum + Microdrives playing JetPac as per usual
SAM Coupe playing Manic Miner
Atari VCS playing Space Invaders
SEGA Master System with Sonic
Atari 7800 playing Millipede
Atari 520ST playing Super Sprint (2nd most popular)
BBC Micro playing various games thanks to an SDcard adapter
Einstein TC01 (Chuckie Egg, it's an excellent version)
As last year the struggle with the joystick was real, next year I need posters to tell people how to hold joysticks properly!
Thanks to Richard for inviting me, see you next year.

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