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Retro Weekend Sept 2017
This was an event at the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge that wasn't to be missed because it featured my (sadly currently non-working) Commodore 65 as well as something regarded as the unicorn of Commodore peripherals, the Amiga CD1200 now owned by the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester. Suffice to say both exhibits caused a stir :) It's the first time the 65 has been out since its last appearance at the Classic Gaming Expo in Croydon waaaay back in 2005 where it didn't seem to get that much interest even though it was still working back then.
It was a great excuse for me to bring out other rarities that aren't seen often as well as one of my own pet projects, the DECbox which is a Digital VT102 terminal featuring a Beaglebone Black and a homemade serial cape running simh which is capable of emulating many DEC platforms from the PDP8 to the MicroVAX and many in between.
Commodore 65
Apple Lisa running LisaOS 7/7
NeXT slab running NeXTSTEP 3.3
DECbox emulating a VAX3800
Magnavox Odyssey 1
Commodore/MOS KIM-1 with Computerist 8K RAM upgrade
Memotech MTX512 (prototype 'stretched' case)
Enterprise 64 (unused)
Semi-Tech Microelectronics Pied Piper (one of the first portable CP/M machines, also a prototype)
Atari 1200XL
Microdigital TK2000 (a Brazilian clone of a Microprofessor MPF-II which itself is a clone of an Apple ][)
OHIO Superboard II
Timex Sinclair TS2068
Prologica CP400, a Tandy CoCo clone from Brazil in a case clearly influenced by the TS2068, brought by Tony Jewell.

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