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Retro Weekend Sept 2018
For 2018's Retro Weekend at the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge we thought 'how can we beat last year's outstanding event?.' Fortunately the answer came in the donation of severalteen Grundy Newbrains plus docs, schematics and software by Gerald McMullon who was a Grundy staffer back in the early days of the machine. This gave us the idea of putting on a show of the biggest number of Newbrains on display in the world (which is a fairly safe claim).
After last year's show I was asked to bring the C65 again as people had rung the museum to request its presence. Pity I still hadn't fixed it. I had fixed other museum inhabitants though so it was a great excuse to get them out in public.
Commodore 65
Camputers Lynx 128 'Laureate'
ICL One-Per-Desk running Phone demo software and CP/M 3.0!
STC Executel 3910, forerunner to the OPD.
Exidy Sorcerer with S100 expansion and Micropolis floppies, resurrected for this show.
Commodore/MOS KIM-1 with Computerist 8K RAM upgrade
MicroProfessor MPF-1B and MPF-1P z80 trainer SBCs
Commodore P500, an unreleased PET II mashed with a VIC-20 64 (unused)
EACA Genie I or Video Genie or EG3003
Compukit UK101 which I wasn't running because it's a heat hazard!
Memotech RS128 with FDX twin floppy unit.
Tangerine MicroTan65 6502 based SBC with expansions
Nascom II with seemingly everyone's favourite keyboard of the weekend.

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