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Appearances can be deceiving :) SEGA (SErvice GAmes) wasn't originally a Japanese company although it certainly looks like it now. Back in the early 1950s there were 2 separate companies in Japan that had both been started by Americans - Service Games (Marty Bromley) and Rosen Enterprises (David Rosen). One was an importer of pinball games to Japan, the othe started the Japanese photo booth industry. When they got together in the mid 1960s SEGA began producing its own games instead of relying on others to manufacture. A series of well times strategic purchases and alliances saw SEGA as one of the leading arcade machine manufacturers at the end of the 70s. Once the arcade market crashed in 1984 the obvious thing to do was enter the home gaming market. The rest is history and Sonic the Hedgehog :)
Thanks to old mates Linda and Spencer I'm now home to a Dreamcast with a pair of controllers. Excellent machine when it came out and outclassed the competition in hardware design but sadly the software support never really came to it and it was unceremoniously binned by Sony a few years ago.
Master System, boxed complete with lightgun
Master System, boxed complete with 2 games.
Megadrive, boxed in good nick with all bags etc but no games.
Megadrive II, boxed mint but missing its Sonic cart. Boo.
Saturn, boxed complete with 2 controllers and some games.
MegaCD, boxed in identical condition to the Megadrive.
MegaCD II, boxed but without PSU.
'Multiplayer' 4-way joypad adapter for the Megadrive
Six button control pad II
Light Phaser for the Master, boxed
Dreamcast with games and controllers. Nice :)New!
Mega-CD Games
Road Avenger

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