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An excellent history of Oric Products International and the products it produced can be found here. It's filled in an awful lot of holes for me regarding the history of largely hitherto unknown machines such as the HH Tiger - it was a Tangerine machine all along! Doesn't help me get one, mind :)
Microtan 65 in a lovely home-made wooden box, donated by Dave Maddocks. Thanks!
Microtan 65 with 7 slot backplane from Kevan Heydon :)
Oric-1 boxed complete with all the bits and bobs.
Slightly different Oric-1 with Multicolour label.
Oric Atmos with large Cumana interface and even larger dual floppy drive, from Peter Wooley.
Oric Atmos 48 with Intro Tape and Manual.....nice keyboard!
Oric MCP40 Colour Printer, mint, unused. The pens are still in their tubes and the paper's still wrapped.
Loads of software and some books for the Orics

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