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Triumph-Adler is/was a German company that was formed by merging 2 well known typewriter manufacturers. I think you can guess what their respective names were, as well as possibly remembering Triumph mechanical sewing machines from the last century. (Did I really just type that? Ed). Originally they produced non-CP/M compatible machines but with the launch of the Alphatronic and the Alphatronic PC that was changed.
Lovely keyboard for touch typing, which is a good job since the PC was supposed to be a home and business machine; sadly its home features were lacking somewhat in that its graphics capability was poor to say the least and its sound only had one voice. Still, it was a 64K CP/M machine and so once you added the disk units F1 and F2 you had access to all the CP/M software that was out there.
Pity it was too expensive :o))

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