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Ohio Superboard II
Those of you in the UK who are familiar with Dr. Berk's UK101 will know that he based it on the first offering from Ohio Scientific Instruments - the Ohio Superboard.
No point in me reinventing the wheel here, there's an excellent writeup on the history of Mike Cheiky and his little company here.
This machine came from Kevan Heydon and is the standard Superboard II but it's been done up a bit by whoever first used it in 1978 or so, with internal PSU and what I think was a standard blown vinyl case available for many different singleboard computers. I say standard because I've got a NASCOM II in an identical (but smaller) case.

Next up is THE most tricked out homebrew machine I've ever seen! It's a resident of Bletchley Park and features such niceties as a detached keyboard which has been 'detached' using a handsaw, twin (count 'em) tape recorders, aircooled PSU, external expansion connectors and space for a very small internal monitor! Lovely.....We haven't dared power it up though :)

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