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TRS-80 Model 1 Level II, boxed with many extras donated by Rick Reed and his family; many thanks :)
Another TRS-80 Model 1 Level II in a 'complete system' type of packing with machine, monitor and tape recorder all in one box and Donated by Andy Smith, thanks!
TRS80 Model 2 in excellent condition donated by Ian Castledine, thanks Ian! Just need to find LDOS on 8" disks :)
16K TRS80 Model III complete with dust covers and printer. Pity airport baggage handlers are less than careful :(
48K TRS80 Model III with dual drives, working. Cheers to Kevan Heydon!
TRS80 Model 4, boxed complete and also from Andy Smith. Pix soon.
Boxed TRS-80 CoCo complete.
TRS80 64K CoCo Model 2 with joystick.
TRS80 Model 4P Portable, restored in 2017.
1110HD laptop with disks and PSU.
TRS80 Model 100 Portable in case - courtesy of Peter Goodrich. Thanks Peter! He also gave me the next 2 machines.
TRS80 CoCo 2
MC-10 with RAM Pack
TRS80 CoCo 3, boxed unopened, direct from Ken Baker's shed.
1000SX DOS machine, donated by Brian Ecclestone, cheers! Been after one of these for ages.
WP2 word processor, looking scarily like the Amstrad NC100 notebook
3 1/2 floppy drive for the 100 Portable, also from Peter. The next 4 items are from him too.
Twin 5 1/4 drives for the CoCo
Unused cassette recorder for the CoCo3
TRS80 dedicated cassette deck
Carts for the CoCo
Music Synthesizer for the CoCo
Boxed joysticks for the TRS-80, mint.
CoCo joysticks
Loads of books/manuals/software for the TRS80, CoCo and portables, also from Peter.
TRS80 Graphic Plotter and PSU, excellent condition.
Science Fair electronics kit, unused.
Tandy Projects kit - my own from the 70s :)
Radio Shack Sensory chess computer, boxed unused.

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