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"Uncle" Clive Sinclair wasn't just successful on this side of the pond; he managed to break into the US market as well, first with the ZX81 and then with machines jointly developed with the Timex Corporation - the TS1000 (a 2K ZX81), TS1500 (16K ZX81 in a Spectrum style case), TS2000 (48K Spectrum) and the TS2068 (massively enhanced Spectrum). Later on Timex of Portugal released the TC2048.
All but two of the museum's current TS inhabitants are unused and came from a loft in New York (the real one, not the toy one in the North-East of England :) I'm not sure I want to open the poly bags! They're all in excellent nick considering they've been sat up in an attic for roughly 18 years.
TS1000, boxed in good condition with 120V PSU, cassette leads and 3 original tapes - 'Portfolio Analysis', 'Cube Game' and 'Algebra II'. Also has welcome letter, warranty cards, RAM pack instructions and a list of compatible cassette recorders!
TS1000, boxed mint in unused condition with welcome card and the usual gubbins.
TS1500, boxed, outer is a bit dinged but inside it's mint and also unopened. Software book, manual and cassette.
TS2068, unboxed but complete and unused, complete with PSU, aerial lead, cassette leads and intro tape.
TS1016, 16K RAM pack for the TS1000 and 1500.
TS2040 printer, aka the Alphacom32, with box and paper.

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