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2020 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon23 Jan 2020
Woo! Now back online at the new Dino Acres :D  
That's a house move I never want to do again!
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Lisa Icon29 Jan 2020
Happy 40th birthday to the machine that is the reason I'm sat here now typing these words, the Sinclair ZX80. I really should upgrade the pictures I have of mine on the following page...  
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Lisa Icon10 Mar 2020
An update I forgot to add back in October, a chance finding of the next-gen STC Executel in the wild, the SDX Operator's Console! There's a pic in one of the updates on the STC page...  
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Lisa Icon17 Apr 2020
I've finally added pics of a CPT 4200 Cassette Power Typing system courtesy of Santo Nucifora, and some 4200 boards from Jules Richardson. Thanks chaps! See the link below:  
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Lisa Icon08 Nov 2020
Something even google didn't know about until now, the 1981 AlphaTantel videotext terminal by Tantel of Ely, Cambs. This is the company that became Tandata in 1983. Click that link! 
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Lisa Icon30 Dec 2020
Final update for 2020, new page created and a load of pics uploaded for my Intertec Superbrains that I got back in November. The most fantastic looking beasts, I've been after one for 20 years. Click that 'continue' button! 
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Lisa Icon31 Dec 2020
Ok, THIS is the last update for 2020. Section added to the Tandata PA pages detailing the keyboard PCB reconstruction project. Hit that Continue button... 
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